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Sinopse de Beautiful You, novo livro de Palahniuk será uma comédia erótica:

Palahniuk. é conhecido por sua critica pesada e humor ácido em relação a nossa sociedade, Clube da Luta e Sobrevivente dois livros dele que finalizei a leitura são exemplos. Em seu novo romance não é diferente, dessa vez o escritor americano chama a atenção da sociedade feminina, com uma mulher chamada Penny como protagonista. Basta ler a sinopse para ver que o livro promete:

Beautiful You

Sinopse de Beautiful You, novo livro de Palaniuk:
From the author of Fight Club, the classic portrait of the damaged contemporary male psyche, now comes this novel about the apocalyptic marketing possibilities of female pleasure. Sisters will be doing it for themselves. And doing it. And doing it. And doing it some more … Penny Harrigan is a low-level associate in a big Manhattan law firm with an apartment in Queens and no love life at all. So it comes as a great shock when she finds herself invited to dinner by one C. Linus Maxwell, aka “Climax-Well,” a software mega-billionaire and lover of the most gorgeous and accomplished women on earth. After dining at Manhattan’s most exclusive restaurant, he whisks Penny off to a hotel suite in Paris, where he proceeds, notebook in hand, to bring her to previously undreamed-of heights of orgasmic pleasure for days on end. What’s not to like? This: Penny discovers that she is a test subject for the final development of a line of sex toys to be marketed in a nationwide chain of boutiques called Beautiful You. So potent and effective are these devices that women by the millions line up outside the stores on opening day and then lock themselves in their room with them and stop coming out. Except for batteries. Maxwell’s plan for erotically enabled world domination must be stopped. But how?

Penny, uma mulher que não tem vida amorosa é convidada para um jantar com um dos homens mais renomados e rico da cidade, dono de uma empresa erótica. Toda empolgada pensando que está vivendo um novo amor, mas na verdade ela vira assunto de um teste para uma linha de brinquedo sexual. O sucesso é tão grande que as mulheres fazem filas na loja no dia do lançamento do tal briquendo que pretende viciar as mulheres em orgasmo de um jeito que elas nunca vão sair de seus quartos, a não ser para trocar a bateria. E sim isso é um plano para dominação do mundo, resumindo isso é a cara de Palahniuk., vamos aguardar noticias para a tradução no Brasil.

O autor ainda concedeu uma entrevista:

News: Chuck discusses Beautiful You at length in his new interview with Hustler Magazine.  Here's a few snippets:
"Beautiful You began with my vague memory of finding some pornographic paperback books in my father's closet.  I was six or seven and could hardly read.  They had titles like Hot Cowgirl Slut Ranch.  None of what I read in them made sense, but neither did the soft-focus romance novels my mother read.  The challenge in Beautiful You was to write an action-packed "gonzo erotica" book, but using the overblown language of bodice-ripper romances.  It's a book I could only write with both my parents dead.
Chuck's 2014 novel will be Beautiful You.  And yep, the buzz is already huge.  When asked in his most recent Reddit AMA what his favorite book was, Chuck responded:

"My favorite? Sorry, that's always 'next year's book' but in this case, it really truly is. Next year's book, "Beautiful You," is my stab at 'gonzo erotica.' I'm trying to fuse hardcore handjob books with romance novels. My working title was "Fifty Shades of the Twilight Cave Bear Wears Prada." It's time that slash-type fiction hits the bookshelves."

Publisher's Marketplace covered the sale of Beautiful You.  PM listed the book as "focusing on the apocalyptic marketing possibilities of feminine pleasure." Then in a recent email, Chuck gave me his own personal description for it:

It's a comic/erotic thriller, a mash-up of 'mommy porn' and chick lit such as Sex and the City, and fantasy lit like Clan of the Cave Bear.  Imagine if Ira Levin had a baby with Jean Auel.

Fonte: http://chuckpalahniuk.net/beautiful-you

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